Sport in Ukraine

Ukrainians sports and a strong nation.

Ukrainian football

Ukrainians have made a huge contribution to the development of world sports movement.

Ukrainian Cossacks (freedom-fighters, defending our land from enemies) have developed their unique fighting technique "Battle gopak". Using the "Battle gopak" in battles with enemies, the Cossacks often emerged victorious, even when the enemy had a numerical advantage. In peacetime, the Cossacks organized competitions on "Battle Hopak" to identify the strongest. Therefore, the Battle gopak "can be considered ancient Ukrainian sport.

In the 19 century, our countryman Ivan Poddubny was the strongest champion in Greco-Roman style. He won a victory even in the age of 70 years.

Ukrainian athlete (jumper) Sergey Bubka broke 35 world records. In 1994 Sergei Bubka pole vault made - 6 m 14 cm. This record was not beaten by anyone until now.

Got a world renowned Ukrainian gymnast Irina Deriugina and Larissa Latynina. Ukrainian School of Gymnastics in the Soviet times was considered the strongest.

Yana Klochkova - won four gold and one silver medal at the Olympics in swimming competitions. Yana Klochkova - won four gold and one silver medal at the Olympics in swimming competitions. Yana from an early age trained in Kharkiv - in the city, where swimming as a sport, attracted considerable attention.

Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, footballer Andriy Shevchenko, first played for Dynamo and the Ukrainian national team, and later for AC Milan and Chelsea.

Boxers Vitaly and Vladimir Klitschko multiple champions of Ukraine and the World. Klitschko brothers were prizes in Ukraine for outstanding achievements and to promote Ukraine's image as sport nation around the world.


The most popular kinds of sports in our country: football, volley-ball, hockey, gymnastics, skiing, skating, boxing. Athletics is one of the most popular kinds of sports. It includes such kinds of sports as: running, jumping and others.

Most educational institutions have their own football and basketball teams.

Many people involved in sport are not professionally, including many sports fans.